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The HR workshop contains a series of events which are most suitable for human resources management specialists. Events aim to build practical and business-focused skills that are needed not only for HR specialists but also for managers who select, evaluate, motivate, or even outsource employees.


Activities are suitable for professionals who need more entry skills, as well as for professionals who have extensive practical experience and knowledge.


Modules are 6 throughout 2018 in Sofia, Bulgaria, and each of them has a 2-hours duration. They contain theory, practice, and various and varied exercises and activities for learning and developing skills, contacts and experience exchange and others useful benefits.

How to fire an employee?

DATE: 26. February 2018

Пояснителна информация за уволнението на служител

How to give a feedback in our team?

DATE: 24. April 2018

Пояснителна информация за ОБРАТНАТА ВРЪЗКА

20. June 2018

Пояснителна информация за системата за оценк

How to make a performance evaluation system?

DATE: 12. September 2018

Пояснителна информация ЗА МЕНИДЖЪРСКИ БРАНД

How to develop a manager brand?