Let's Pass Through  2020

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Why the Health & Motivation of Our Employees Matters?


Who Are the Leaders Who invest in Their Teams

Do We Know Some of Them?

The first highlight from the long list in 2020 is related to one of our most challenging summits that were held in 2019 in Sofia, Bulgaria "Employee Healthcare, Wellness & Benefits Summit"

70% of our behavior are shaped by our environment.

When we spend majority of our working hours in the workplace, todays organizations must change their outlook on health and wellbeing.

Our long-term aim is to support the employers to find better wellbeing and benefits solutions for improving the employees' heathcare & satisfaction status. 

Our main goal for 2020 is to contribute globally  to Corporate Mental Health improvement, better understanding and adequate internal programs.  


Employees' Health Care 

Gain a better understanding of the factors that will impact your employees healthcare and the benefits cost. From health care reform, better ROI opportunities, the future of exchanges and emerging technologies.

Employee Engagement

Trust, integrity and open communication between an organziation and its employees are fundamental to success. Discover unexpected ways companies are cultivating engagement among employees.

Innovation & New Technologies

The shift to new technologies, AI and emerging products and services continues to transform the industry. Take a closer look at the trends of the impactful new technologies and approaches to embrace for acquiring and retaining top talent in a digital world.

Employees' Health Care & Beyond : Benefits That Matter

As the job market becomes more competitive, employers need to come up with ways to recruit and retain top talent. And for many that means not just basic robust health and retirement benefits but also a plethora of enviable perks from comprehensive paid leave policies, caregiving and fertility benefits to student loan repayment and financial wellness programs

Health Care, Psychological, Retirement, Sport & Other Employees' Benefits 

Plan in the future, strategies to help your employees save more, advice on integral points of plan implementation, administration, communication and education.

Benefits Beyond Healthcare

While all employee health care, wellness, healthy and safety programs aim to improve health, some go the extra mile to address emotional well-being, mental health and financial wellness. Learn how you can create an inclusive balance between the company goals, culture and the healthy programs that’s best for your company and employees

Wait for more interesting trends, news, summarized reports and solutions for healthier, efficient & satisfied employees for higher business impact. 


2020 Events  

Wait for more information very soon




The Colors of the Business

May be you have heard that the color of 2020 is classic blue, which is "iInstilling calm, confidence, and connection" , but the business is not monochromatic and is made by different colors. We will show the most influencing of them through the perspective & projections of  professionals  from various business sectors in 2020. 


People Management Zone 

We are delighted to present our Info People Management Zone in Bulgarian, where you may find researches, intereseting materials about trends in Leadership, People Management and other trends from the future. 

Science and Technology Class

Previous Conferences


We present you the second edition of the


Successful Recruitment -

business trends and challenges conference 

 which was held on 15. March 2018 in Sofia, Bulgaria.

The conference gathered business and HR leaders from one of the biggest multinational companies in Bulgaria, who attended topics related to the labour market, attraction and retention of employees and the intersections between business and the state.

Many thanks to all speakers, medias, partners and participants for the incredible event!

 We present you one of our most challenging & hot summits  


Employee Healthcare, Wellnesss & Benefits Summit 2019 

 which was held on 18-19. September 2019 in Sofia, Bulgaria.

The conference gathered business and HR leaders from one of the biggest multinational companies in Bulgaria, who attended hot topics related to the employee healthcare trends & benefits. These hot topics will be socially discussed as important priorities for the business in Bulgaria and some of the even globally, as influencing the people job efficiency, their satisfaction , attraction and retention of employees and the intersections between business and the state.

We are delightful for the contribution of all speakers, medias, partners and participants for this incredible event!

Global Business Leadership

Summit 2017 

 which was held on 24th – 25th November 2016 in Budapest, Hungary

GLOBAL LEADERSHIP SUMMIT „Leading by Values“ was memorable senior leadership event in 2017. The delegates were on senior leadership roles from all over the world. The Global Leadership Summit was 2-days Conference (224th – 25th November 2016) with 11 highlighted leadership sessions and 3 master workshops. The speakers were honored professionals holding senior leadership roles with significant senior leadership experience, who shared their real business experience practices and hot topics in actual leadership challenges.



• Actual leadership challenges, changing requirements in business environment;

• Developing a leading by values culture;

• Considering and developing people as a part of our company values;

• Development of visionary culture of behaviour;

• Developing of a long-term perspective about business partnership;

• Innovation & Culture;

• A big EGO - an obstacle to leading by values;

• Organizations and leaders of the future;

• Innovation & Entrepreneurship - how to face your business challenges. 

What we do




We organize futuristic and inspirational events with the best professionals on topics related to trends and challenges by showing solutions from the future. 




Our long-lasting professional and life experience allows us to predict trends and challenges and find solutions before they occur.




Regional, business sector and company oriented to predict business trends, challenges and to find optional solutions.




Global congtribution to Corporate Mental Health improvement, better understanding and adequate internal programs.